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‘Selective Eating Disorder (SED)’ or 'Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)'

Afraid of eating certain foods?
Terrified of the consequences?
Lacking self-belief?

If so you may be suffering from a SED/ARFID

Your system has associated certain foods as unsafe and views them just as it would a dangerous predator. It will fight to avoid contact with food regardless of how much you try and reassure yourself that you will be OK. The more this situation persists, the greater the belief that one is ‘unable’ to then eat new foods because of the lack of past historical successes.

Fortunately speedy help is at hand.

Food phobia cure

SED Video Therapy

A Game Changing Treatment

Offered By Felix Economakis Cpsychol

Chartered Psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist Felix Economakis is the most experienced and proficient SED/ARFID practitioner in the world today. Since starting his work with SED/ARFID as the psychologist on BBC Freaky Eaters in 2009, at the time of writing (winter 2016) Felix has treated nearly 2,000 people from all around the globe in removing their lifelong phobias of new foods in face-face or Skype sessions, the vast majority of which in a single session of just over an hour.

Now for the first time he is offering his pioneering therapy in an on-line video format.

Already the testimonials for the on-line video treatment are flooding in (all testimonials are verifiable on the two forums that he runs).

For more information on Felix’s work with ARFID/SED see:

  • The Heath - Felix's Clinical Practice
  • Dedicated YouTube channel with hundreds of video testimonials:


If you want to finally be free of your fears around food then speedy and affordable help is finally available to you.

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Recommended approximate ages:

12 to 65 years


Recommended approximate ages:

9 to 12 years*

* Please Note: some parents have successfully used this treatment with younger children. It does depend on the maturity level of the child which can vary hugely at these ages


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