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Coping with a phobia on its own is hard enough without all the unnecessary added misguided advice and judgement which makes an already difficult matter that much harder.

This article is here to help dispel some of those unhelpful beliefs facing so many people out there with selective eating disorder.

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There are may different factors that could all contribute to SED/ARFID. For some people it’s more about the psychological and emotional impact, and for others it’s more about developmental and sensory challenges.

One instance of this is potential zinc deficiency. Zinc is an interesting mineral that plays a big role in how food tastes. I came across some research a while ago suggesting that a lot of people with ARFID/SED or sensory food aversion are deficient in zinc which in turn could how food tastes to them.

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Featured in The Lady magazine January 2017 - Fussy eating or something more serious? Psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist Felix Economakis explains how food phobia sufferers can be treated.

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I have now worked with three different people suffering from taste distortion from long Covid. (External Link)

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