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Dear Felix
I’m just emailing to say a huge thank you for making your video therapy accessible to people like me.
I’m a 41 year old guy who has suffered with food anxiety throughout his whole life. It’s stopped me getting jobs, promotions and living what you would call a normal life from the age of a small child.
I’ve tried hypnotherapy by tape, download, one to one sessions, NLP, positive thinking, counselling etc but none of them have had the effect that ONE listen to your downloads has had in one month. I’ve eaten over FIFTY new foods and dishes. I’ve disliked three.
The fear has gone. I’ve gone from a person who would only eat selective foods to a person who has started cooking and experimenting. It’s life changing and I’m glad you have given me the tools to let go of the fear and experiment with food.
I’m now thinking those trips to China, Japan, and Africa will be possible! Of course it’s one day at a time but 4 weeks later I am still very positive and will not let this opportunity pass.
Thank you once again for the understanding and for changing my life.
Best regards,
Rob Stevens

Facebook - Selective Eating Disorder SED / ARFID Support Group - June 2021

My 18 year old ASD/SPD/ARFID son just completed Felix Economakis’ online program just ate things he’d NEVER have put in his mouth before!!!
I did a mix and variation on things he eats but amped them up!

He ate:
Orange 🍊 slices
Spaghetti 🍝 w/sauce and meatballs
Chicken salad sandwich 🥪 w/ lettuce 🥬 on toast
Mixed salad 🥗 w/balsamic vinaigrette

Every day, we’ll add things and keep it going!
Thank you SO MUCH FELIX!!

Facebook - 11 January 2021

One full week since I watched the videos and honestly I’m amazed. I've managed to try lots of foods, no drama, no overwhelming anxiety preventing me. I’m still a little nervous, but it no longer seems to be a fear! I wasn’t expecting too much and honestly it’s been a total revelation. My husband just can’t believe it! I no longer have to make excuses when my little boy wants to share something with me!

I’ve tried cheese, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, brocolli, colliflower, green beans, peanut butter, pineapple, pizza, fruit yoghurts and smoothies. I’ve only disliked a couple of things. I would happily try the others again. It’s going to be a slow process integrating them into my diet, but now I know I can do it!

Facebook - 10 January 2021

Three weeks ago I watched the videos and since then I have tried 28 new foods. I am absolutely amazed. Most of them were okay, neither good or bad (yet). Some foods I liked instantly and there were only very few foods I disliked instantly. So far I have only found one thing I had to spit out (red bell pepper). Everything else I'll try again. 🙂

Facebook - May 2020

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your advice.

I watched the videos last night and I’ve gotta say the results were amazing.

When it got to the part of the video where I had to try foods, I went straight to it and dove right in, I tried an apple, raspberries, blackberries, satsuma and grapes, the grapes I absolutely loved and was almost crying when I had this reaction.

On top of this I’m SOOO much more positive now, and been planning how I’m going to implement change since I woke up this morning 😂

I can feel the difference in me and everyone in my house has pointed it out this morning as well.

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I had no expectations going into it and was just open to see what was going to happen. I went from nervous and anxious to excited.

I plan to watch the videos again in a couple of days and continue working on my positivity and trying new foods, as this is now something I am so eager to do rather then terrified.

Thank you so much Felix Economakis, not just for the video, but the support you gave me yesterday leading up to it.

And everyone on here, thank you for sharing your experiences with me.

For the first time I am happy with who I am, and accepted that this is part of me and now it’s time to work on it to make it better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Facebook Selective Eating Disorder SED / ARFID Support Group - 24th April 2020

This post is to share my own personal experience. For the last 20 years I have survived off nothing other than pizza, chicken, completely liquidised lentil soup occasionally, takeaways, garlic bread and things like super noodles / pot noodles. All the junk of the day really. I have not been able to chew and swallow any fruit / veg without gagging and feeling like I was going to be sick. Which has immediately put an end to my numerous attempts to change my diet. For years I’ve thought I was just fussy, until I watched the bbc picky eater programmes and it started to register with me that it went a bit deeper than that due to my reaction to and my inability to try new foods.

2 day’s ago I purchased Felix Economakis video after seeing a recommendation from a couple of people on other ARFID groups. I have tried hypnotherapy in the past, along with trying multiple times to “just get over it”. It was impossible.

Last night I watched the videos. I was a bit sceptical but after reading all the amazing reviews on his website I thought it was something I had to give a chance. First of all the way he spoke about it, explained it and discussed it made me cry because FINALLY someone literally knew what was happening inside my head and I have never felt such relief. I done the session and then was instructed to go and try some new food.

I tried - spaghetti bolognese, an uncle bens fried veg rice, grapes - both red and green, along with some blueberries and cucumber. I did not gag with any of these foods after except the cucumber. I’ve never in my life been able to just put food in my mouth and chew it and swallow it so effortlessly. Again I was totally overwhelmed, myself and my parents couldn’t believe that I’d just done that. Cucumber was not my favourite but there are going to be some foods that you simply don’t like.

Today I tried some porridge for breakfast, I had around 6 forkfuls. I also then went on to try a couple of slices of pepper, some salad leaves and a small bit of red onion with my chicken breast for lunch followed by some pineapple, watermelon and some kiwi.

At the moment I am not able to eat enough of these new foods to feel properly full, but I am literally in shock at the fact I was even able to put them in my mouth let alone chew and swallow it.

If you are thinking of doing anything about ARFID please try these videos! I am looking forward to gradually trying some new things, with the mind set that it is okay not to like everything immediately. I have learned to be patient with myself and understand my body has only been trying to protect me. Now it is time to work with my body to take the right path towards a happier, healthier relationship with my own mind and food. Thank you Felix 🍎

Christmas 2016

Facebook Selective Eating Disorder SED / ARFID Support Group - 1 March 2020

This is my 9 years old son.

🌟✨⭐️Trying all 8 new foods after watching the videos 🎊🎉✨🌟💥⭐️⭐️💫

Felix Economakis you simply cannot we prised enough. I wish one day we can come and see you in London to say thank you in person!!! 🏅🏅🏅🥇

Only one call to Felix’s clinic has changed our life for ever. Very easy communication and life changing results.

I’m a one very happy and proud mom!


Christmas 2016

Facebook - 28th January 2020

I’ve had ARFID for about 20 years now (I’m 23 years old). I moved from England to Canada at 4 and believe that’s where it all started. I have been struggling more as of recent with foods I used to love. They just dont taste the same anymore. If I stop my ‘safe’ foods I am literally screwed for life with food.

A few days ago I stubbled on a random video about ARFID and what it actually is. Once I learned what ARFID actually consists of I knew there and then SED/ARFID was the problem with my eating habits. Now that I know about ARFID I can actually start to look for help.

I then found Felix. What a relief. He knows exactly what is going on in my head. Knowing more about ARFID (not just being a picky eater) has really helped me overcome it.

My diet consists of:
Tim Hortons plain bagel with butter
Plain pasta with butter
Steak well done only
French fries
Scrambled eggs only
Fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, pineapple,etc
Few other minor things but even with the foods I do eat - very specific brands and the way I eat them

After doing the [video] therapy sessions I have improved mentally and physically - almost instant to be honest - and have pretty much become a scientific eater LOL who would of thought

I want people here to understand there is help and you have to be motivated and committed to doing it. Have everyone on board with you and take it at your speed. THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE.

Within 3 days of the therapy I have tried 10+ new foods and ACTUALLY ate them (not just put them in my mouth).

Please feel free to message me as I’m open to conversation to help anyone else with similar problems.

Pictures of a couple foods that I’ve tried. Cheese is a huge accomplishment as I’m terrified of it. Some foods are obviously better then others which is the same for people
Without ARFID. I’m not going to like everything but I take it a day at a time. Tonight is Shepard’s Pie!

For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to trying new foods and wondering what “we are having for dinner tonight”. Feel great.

I have my first online Skype session witt Felix soon which I’m really looking forward too. I feel 10x better with just watching the video once a day. Can’t wait to see what will happen after the online session. If I didn’t live in Canada I’d be doing a face to face meeting as well.

Good luck too all!


Skype - 2nd January 2020

We watched the series this afternoon and while he was apprehensive about it at first, your video calmed him right down. The mention of "video games" and

"fuel / performance" really allowed him to better relate. It was nearly as though this was tailored to him. He was particularly impressed / encouraged by the pendulum trick.

He was all in and allowed himself to completely relax and appear to "go under". He said he committed to medium relaxation and to letting go of 90% of the fear. He seemed to come to for a moment when you started talking about deleting the old files, and said; "Oh my gosh!", then he relaxed right back into it. Afterward, he said it felt like his "brain was buzzing" during the change work, similar to what I've heard explained when someone starts to experience a supposed "out of body" event.

He seemed excited, but relaxed afterward and he was all too happy to tackle the new food offerings. We chose grapes, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, steamed carrots, fresh carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed broccoli, steamed cauliflower, etc. He actually chose "liked", "liked a little", or "it's OK" for ALL of the food and not a single one was even a "not sure". His bites were also significantly improved. He was so exited he was jumping up and down and couldn't believe how good this stuff was! He actually hugged mom and started crying after realizing what he was doing. It was quite a moment!

We will see how it does in the coming days and re-watch the vid and report back, but so far this is a HUGE win for him and an incredible relief to his parents. I believe you also saved him from having to go through invasive and unnecessary testing at the doctor's office and who knows what at the therapist. We will still go meet with her next Monday to be thorough, but we will certainly be sharing our experience with your treatment so far. It SEEMS as though the approach to ARFID over here in the US is to apply lots of pressure, (believe me we've tried that already) and this tactic doesn't seem to align at all with your seemingly much more reasonable philosophy…”

Thank you!

Cindy Lea

SED / ARFID Parents Support Group (Facebook) - 21st April 2019

Oliver (18, 6’1’ 133 pounds) and I watched the videos. Finally, after two years or something of owning the videos he asked if I would do it w him. He immediately ate mashed potatoes. Is out in the kitchen now preparing himself a burrito. I ate tuna. Have never had it in my life, scared the bejessus out of me. Ate some. I am finally excited and have a little hope for my son!!! He is the most ill out of all five kids. 

Next day update: “…. And he just texted me, he is out w a friend. He tried Octopus! It is unbelievable. Unbelievable.”

David Prudhomme-Lorinez

22nd February 2019

“Dear Felix

I finally decided to have a look at your video session. I must say I wasn't really convinced it would help, as I thought I won't understand everything in english and also human contact is absolutely necessary...

Before the 'making the change' part, I prepared some new food (with a deep feeling of disgust). After the session, I simply took my cheese-ham-sandwich and could eat it without any hesitation! In the evening I had my first pizza and it was again so easy to try.

On the next weekend, we were invited by friends. They know me very well and they have always prepared some special food for me in the past. For the very first time, they hadn't to do that, as to my own surprise I simply took every food like the others, and could even finish my plate.

The week after I could try dozens of new food including sausages, soups, cheese, chicken, eggs, quiche, and many other things I could never have even looked at before!

Since two weeks I just eat the same as everybody home. I still can't believe it, but it feels so normal and simple!...

You definitely changed my life. I will never ever be able to thank you enough.

Yours gratefully

Ciaran Ciaran

1st January 2019

"I did the videos about 4 months ago now an my life has changed so much my diet for 26 years was bread, cereal, egg that was it after these videos I'm now eating chicken fish beef an so much more I can't thank Felix enough I really owe this guy my life.

Thank you "

Chloe Bennet

29th December 2018

"I’d be at work all day and went straight home to watch it and i cannot believe the outcome. i was really focused to listen to the whole thing and take in everything you were saying. As the hypnosis began i tried to imagine myself eating something i usually wouldn’t and still didn’t believe it was going to work. Once it’s finished i put my fork into a kiwi and put it straight into my mouth without hesitation and i couldn’t believe what i was doing and even began laughing. I then went downstairs to show my mum and then went on to try cherries, melon, mango, grapes and even a carrot !!! whilst i didn’t like a couple of things it has probably been about 15 years since i’ve tried something and back then was by force now is by choice. i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because without that video i don’t think i ever would have changed."

Chloe also said she used to just eat "typically mcdonald’s chicken nuggets and chips or spaghetti hoops or egg fried rice from chinese that’s pretty much it"

She also added an update ",,,I even ate halloumi and tomato at nando’s today is crazy the results x"

Faith Mullen

Christmas 2016

Selective Eating Disorder SED / ARFID Support Group (Facebook) - 26th September 2018

Hi Guys, it's been nearly a month since I did the online video and it genuinely has changed my life!

I'm 21 and have struggled with foods for the majority of my life. But since doing the videos I have tried more new foods in the past month than the last 15 years!! I never thought I'd see the day I would enjoy trying new foods!

When I try things I have been trying small portion/ having things as a side dish. I feel like I always want back up safe food incase I don't like it? I'm stuggling bringing myself to have a full meal of a new food or something incase I don't like it or whatever! Any one else had this issue or have any advice?😊 (hope that made sense haha)

(There are more foods I've tried other than what's on the list, these are the main thing)

Charlie Blaikie

Christmas 2016

Here are all the foods I have tried since watching Felix Economakis’s therapy videos 😊 some are a work in progress some are on my safe list

PARENTS of CHILDREN with SED/ARFID Facebook Forum - 29th August 2018

Life changing! We have recently moved from NZ to Bangkok with our 9 year old daughter who was diagnosed with ARFID. In NZ we tried every therapy we could. I recently bought the video link from Felix Economakis and I watched it with her JUST ONCE and the change in her attitude toward food is amazing. She is curious about food now. She chooses to try foods and can give an honest opinion about them (previously she would throw up before she could get a new food near her mouth). She has started a new foods sticker journal and records her thoughts about the new foods she tries. It took a couple of weeks, we put absolutely no pressure on her, and she is choosing to try new foods and feeling very proud of herself when she does (she even asks to call home to tell people about the food she has tried). It's impossible to explain what a difference that video has made to her mindset. It was a bit tricky to watch because some of it made her cry and I had to let her run in circles to burn off a bit of energy between the videos but it is so worth it. She's not magically cured but we have hope for the very first time and that is amazing. Tonight she tried mac and cheese for the first time (a mixed food) and asked for more!

Dee Mc Cann

ARFID Facebook Forum - 28th July 2018

I was about 18 when I started to look for help for my ARFID (no one had a name for it then). I have been this way since I was a baby and I have spent the past 18 years trying to find someone to help me, in Ireland, the UK and here in the States where I live now. I've been to numerous psychologists, dietitians, tried CBT and even begged an eating disorder clinic here to admit me and haven't had any success. I've been so skeptical of all these success stories here with Felix Economakis, I mean in my head i've been saying "it just cant be that easy". However I'm at the point where I am just so exhausted with living my life chained to this soul destroying illness/phobia. I really have tried everything....so skeptical as I am I thought "sure what have I to lose". I contacted Felix and decided to try the video sessions.
I have just completed the sessions and the only words I can use to describe how I feel is elated and optimistic. I'm just amazed by how calm I feel and what i just did. It just seemed so normal, which is mental!! Nothing about what I just did ever seemed normal to me. I tried: Carrot and ginger soup, Oatmeal, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, spinach and cheese tortellini, sweet and sour chicken with jasmine rice and scallions. I wasn't afraid, I was not gagging, i didn't have the sweaty palms or racing heart...i was just calm and happy. Happily deciding if I actually liked it or not. MENTAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a skeptic no more. Felix Economakis Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel so much calmer and quietly confident more than ever. Empowered.

Kelli McAnally

ARFID Facebook Forum - 21st July 2018

I know this is a group for people who have ARFID and I’m only a parent of a 15 yr old with ARFID... that’s why I have remained silent since I joined. I just want to say that we gifted the online videos to our daughter (who has eaten only chicken and potatoes for 13 years) for Valentines day and this past week on vacation she was eating Crab Claws and Fried Shrimp! I CANNOT put into words how pleased we have been with the videos and the results! Keep the faith! Felix Economakis, you have changed our lives.

Aislinn Manning

ARFID Facebook Forum - 19th July 2018

New to the group! I’ve had SED for my entire life that I’m aware of, I guess when I was very young I did eat a few more things than I do now but not my much... mostly it’s the same as everyone else here... carbs and bland food, although I do like a few oddball things. I have pretty much lived on pizza, Mac & cheese, and grilled cheese (and variations of these things) since before I can remember and in the last 7-8 years my metabolism has no longer been able to fight off the weight and I’ve definitely noticed a decline in my health and I’m only 31! I have always enjoyed watching food shows & cooking for my loved ones but never could try anything myself. I’ve never eaten fruit (besides tomato sauce) or vegetables besides sweet corn my entire life. The only meat I ate was pepperoni. I’ll post this on the testimonial page at some point as well but just wanted to say that I just watched Felix Economakis’ videos tonight and for the first time in the last 31 years I finally have HOPE!! While I didn’t enjoy everything I ate, and spit a few things out... I was able to successfully try 12 different foods without gagging or feeling like I was going to throw up. I’m definitely on sensory overload so I don’t think I’ll be trying QUITE as many at the same time again but am dedicated to retrying many of the fruits & veggies I ate tonight and trying 1-2 new foods a day!

Jane McCormick

Please note - I don't generally work with 6 year olds (I prefer mature 7 year olds or preferably 8 year olds onwards, but you can never tell with children as maturity levels vary widely at young ages). The following feedback is for a 6.5 year old:

ARFID Facebook Forum - July 2018

Have just watched Felix's videos (well the 1st therapy one, half of 2nd, and then had to jump to the last one) with our very wriggly 6 and a half year old boy, who said at the end he still wasn't sure and it 'hadn't worked as he hadn't listened to the whole thing' but then proceeded to try grapes, cherry, strawberry, satsuma and carrot and munched most of a banana! Like on the videos, I asked him which one would be easiest to try and once he had tried one, it was easier to try others. (He ate everything until just over a year old but then cut down to a few safe foods and his current foods are (he is vegetarian) - pasta, cheese and tomato pizza, potato waffles, Cheerios, some cheeses, wraps with cream cheese/jam, smooth strawberry yoghurt, orange juice but the only fruit he would've eaten would have been an apple and never any vegetables)...am amazed and so grateful to Felix. He has agreed that he will be a 'food scientist' for the next 3 weeks so we'll see where that takes us!

Stacey Mai

ARFID Facebook Forum - July 2018

Honest to God the videos are amazing for me. Without them I'd have never discovered pizza, pineapple (separate don't worry), and I would've never even thought of trying pasta (though I didn't enjoy it, it was still a huge victory to get it in my mouth at all!)

Now I'm using the videos for tomorrow whilst I practice cooking spaghetti and meatballs for my parents, in prep to cook for my partner this weekend. Gonna actually try the food myself, too!

So honestly, I recommend the videos massively. Good luck with whatever you choose! I'm sure you'll find somewhere that serves food that you like, either way. Have a nice trip ^_^ x


Email - July 2018

Hi Felix

I’m just e-mailing to say thank you very much for the video therapy.

Thomas (14 years old) sat in a quiet room with no distractions for an hour and a half or so and emerged with a very positive attitude about trying new foods. The first thing he said was “I’m not scared anymore” as he picked up a satsuma. I had prepared some things for him to try which he wouldn’t touch before but I knew he wanted to try. So far today, he has eaten satsuma, tomato, sweetcorn, a ham sandwich (which was his favourite), a Tuna sandwich and cold chicken. The only thing he didn’t really like was tomato but he still ate it. I am absolutely amazed and I have to say I was a little sceptical, as was my husband, but we were getting so desperate as it was becoming a constant battle at mealtimes that we were willing to try anything.

He is now looking forward to trying something new everyday and even wants to try a roast dinner!

Thank you so much, I don’t know what you said as I left him to it but it was worth every penny.

Kind regards


And.. Since my earlier e-mail, Thomas is now getting excited about doing the Duke of Edinburgh award at school as this would previously have been a no-no as he would have been worried about what he would have been given to eat. In year 6, he worried all year about the week long PGL trip to mark the end of primary school purely because he was scared about not being able to eat anything.

He’s also excited about going to his friends’ houses and being able to eat tea there.

I know it’s very early days but he is talking like his phobia is behind him.

Thanks again 🙏

Christmas 2016

Facebook - 26 February 2018

Hi all! Today I watched Felix’s therapy video, and I am amazed! After the session I was able to eat 2 bowls of steamed broccoli, and riced cauliflower stir fry with red peppers, ginger, carrots, peas etc. I was able to stop myself from gagging for the most part, and even after I did gag, was still encouraged to keep trying the food which in the past would never happen!

Definitely recommend trying out the video!

Thanks Felix!

Facebook - 16 February 2018

Thank you Felix, sincerely from Australia. I purchased access to your videos a week or so ago, and watched them by myself. I have been chatting to my son about them, and he seemed keen to try. He has been very tired, so I wasn't sure "when" would be the right time. He had school refusal today after experiences of wasps and teasing around same, so i thought now or never.

Over the day, we have gently stepped through the videos. Food wise, he has around 10 safe foods in total normally.

I asked him to go the fridge and select 4 things that he doesn't normally try or eat. He selected: green grapes, ready grated tasty cheese, custard and plain yoghurt.

For the past two years the best sort of tasting he has done, was to just lick or bite off the tiniest morsel (so tiny you can barely see it), then chase it down with a drink of milk, often not even chewing. Straight after the session, he tried a grape... had a bite (wayyy larger than normal), chewed it, swallowed it and said it was a bit bitter. Then tried grated cheese, quite liked it and ate around 5 small pieces (he'd only ever eaten bega plastic sliced cheese). Then custard (he used to LOVE it, but wasn't safe to try for the past 3-4 years), he loved it again! He tried the yoghurt, and said it was bitter, but only placed a tiny drop on his tongue.

This is huge. I video'd him on my phone, but it was pretty dark with terrible lighting. Thank you <3

Now I just need to work on his "insects" phobia, and keep up the food momentum.

Facebook - January 2018

So it's been nearly week since I watched the videos and I'm pleased to say that I've so far tried 16 things that I wouldn't have touched previously. Albeit it's only small bits of some things but I guess progress is progress!

Facebook - January 2018

Hi Felix - Good first day with my son Peter (13 yo) and your video. He is receptive and wanting to be better. Immediately after, he ate some ziti with marinara sauce, a carrot, a piece of toast with butter, and applesauce. All without hesitation or anxiety. He is committed to trying at least one new food per day for the next three weeks. We will watch the video again in a few days. Thank you.. Felix Economakis ... you really hit the nail on the head with my boy and you have reached across the pond and given my whole family hope.

Facebook - January 2018

Just watched Felix Economakis’s videos last night, and then ate lettuce, tomato, zucchini and onion. Honestly in disbelief over how easy it seemed.

Thank you Felix!

Excited to start this journey of trying new foods.

Facebook - January 2018

Omg ... my 15 year old son] ate 3 different types of melon. Bread. Chicken and an after 8 chocolate mint. He said once the new food was in front of him he didn't feel anxious or scared. I can't believe he actually took a bite of each one chewed it then swallowed. I'm in tears so happy. Xx will be forever grateful too Felix Economakis for the videos

Facebook - January 2018

I finally got around to watching Felix’s videos yesterday. I’m so glad I did! I took myself up to bed to listen to them and took fruit platter with me.I was so nervous opening it and trying it but realised I didn’t feel anxious. I tried a little bit of everything. Some I quite liked, the others I think I could learn to like. Today I’ve eaten a whole satsuma at work without any drama which I actually really liked.

I’m still learning to adjust to the new textures but I’m so amazed with the difference so far. I can’t wait to see what else I’m going to enjoy in the future!

To anyone thinking about trying it please please give it a go!

Follow up: Still amazed at how well it works – I’ve tried something new everyday and liked them all – starting to look forward to trying new things to see what else I’ve missed out on!

Facebook - January 2018

So my lunch at work normally consists of a vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips (I gag without the chocolate chips) a bagel with butter or cream cheese and a rice stick. I watched Felix’s online therapy videos last week. Today I brought with me a fruit salad (blueberries, mango, grapes) LOVED IT, a yogurt without the chocolate chips, a salad (spinach, romaine, carrots, cucumbers with a ginger carrot dressing) I was able to eat at least half without much issue carrots used to make me vomit, and I had some nut/granola mix. I did make a cheese quesadilla for dinner with French fries but hey I think I did pretty damn good today! After the videos I feel able to try new foods with very very little hesitation (in increments).

You do have to actively choose healthy/different foods after going through his videos, but if you truly want chance, it opens that door for you to do the work to change. Couldn’t be happier with Felix's help.

Heather Kiner Gross

Facebook - October 2017 - Carmel, IN, USA

Just recently found this group and Felix. We have been in this food battle with our 13 yo son since very early on (18-24 months). We’ve been given horrible advice for years - you name it we’ve tried it. “He’ll eat when he gets hungry”, they said. Well guess what? Our kid didn’t eat for a week. And we were all in tears by the end. And not only did he become more protective, but we did too! We played right into his fear without even realizing it because we never wanted to subject him to that again.

As a result, I’ve watched his safe food list continue to dwindle over the years (currently at around 10 foods). I’ve have countless sleepless nights worried for him and his future, searching the Google machine over and over. And after stumbling upon ARFID online by chance and probing my son about what he feels when new food is in front of him, I finally realized he has a deep-seated fear of food. Plain and simple. And no amount of cajoling, bribing, or rationalizing, would work. Once we realized this and I helped him name it by sharing what I had found/learned, his relief (and mine) were palpable. Just being able to name it did wonders for his battered self esteem.

We bought the videos and my son watched them today. He was very EAGER! He came up with about 15 possible foods to try. We narrowed it to 7 for “proof”. And afterward, he tried 6 foods: apple with skin (only applesauce until now), raw carrots, hummus, bagel with and w/o cream cheese, string cheese, skillet potatoes. We had planned sweet corn too but I forgot it in the microwave (he said, “Next time, mom!”). He went on to go back to the apple and eat almost the whole thing - skin and all!

I still can’t believe it and neither can my husband. He’s the biggest skeptic! But afterward, out of earshot and eyesight of our son, he high-fived me with “great job!”

And my son....I can’t even begin to explain how relieved he feels! First to realize his condition has a name. Second that he really can do this. What an eye-opening experience for him. He’s hopeful for the first time ever. And so are we. He’s settled on trying something new every other day and keeping a food log. And “refreshing” each week with the videos to keep him motivated.

Thank you Felix Economakis

Helen Docking

Facebook - November 2017

We started watching the videos yesterday. We stopped on the 3rd because my son (10 years old) wanted a break. But that night he talked to his sister for the first time about eating and why he couldn't eat. He talked about his soldier and about the 2 paths and how he's going to take the right path.
Today we got to the 4th and main video. He was nervous and didn't want to close his eyes. Half way through he did. As soon as the video finished and he was told to go and try new foods he ran down the stairs so excited! I've never seen him like this ever! He was still a little nervous as the textures were new to him. But he took a small bite of apple (the only other time he tried apple he nearly threw up) small bite of grape, half a small sausage roll, half a small sausage and a bite of a ham sandwich. The biggest difference though is his attitude. He never talks about food, ever! He's now so excited about what he can try next! He's asked if he can try roast potatoes with and without gravy and chicken so he can join in with Xmas dinner!! There's no guarantee he will like these things but for the first time in years he's open to change, he wants to change and he is trying new food!

Thanks you so much Felix.

He was so against coming to see you too but now said he would like to if he feels he needs a bit more help.

... Another little update since writing this post. We went to Tesco as I needed a couple of things on the way to pick his sisters up. He asked if he could try quavers, chocolate biscuits and popcorn. He wanted to try the popcorn as soon as we picked his sisters up. And he just popped one in his mouth and swallowed it. He didn't have another but we are writing a diary of the foods he's tried and giving them a rating out of 4. 1 being really nice and will eat no problem down to 4 being really didn't like. He rated everything 3 or above. Popcorn was a 2.

Thank you!

Kim Smith

August 2017 - UK

I just wanted to update you and say a HUGE thank you, your online video session was a great success, we are extremely grateful.
We have not long returned from holiday, every evening my (18 year old) son tried some of the 3 different courses for dinner. Now we are home he is trying so much more different food and enjoying eating it. I honestly cannot believe the difference. Neither can he!
On Saturday we are going out for dinner and I am so looking forward to him not just ordering chips! I have been able to choose a nice restaurant, what a difference this had made to our lives.
Thanks again, you are amazing!

July 2017 - Brisbane, Australia

I am new to this group and recently asked about Felix Economakis videos as I am in Australia. Update!!! Omg so we went ahead and bought it and my nearly 11 year old daughter has spent the last 2 nights watching it. She has such a limited diet and started eliminating foods from about her age of 3. She is super smart but so stubborn so I've never wanted to push her but she is quite skinny. I asked her if she would give it a go and she said yes. She was so excited and kept coming out and telling me about it. So far she has been amazing with trying food (small amounts though but it's a start) some new some she hasn't eaten for years. No crying, gagging just picked them up and ate them normally. I really believe this is working because she is in control. I love reading everyone post so thank you and thank you Felix.

She has even made up her own chart she is that excited!!!

July 2017

Just felt the need to post this. I bought Felix' video series last night and watched all of them up until the preparation for trying new foods (it was late at night and I didn't have anything around to use as I live alone so going to rerun through them tonight prepared). I was very skeptical about whether the videos would help or not but I just had to do something, I've been hiding from this for my whole life. I broke down in tears a few times (for the first time in years) and a lot of things started to click in my head. I can happily say that this morning I picked up a fruit salad and I'm sittin here eating things which would usually have me gagging and spitting out. If anyone has any suggestions for simple to cook (or eat raw) veges/healthy foods I could try tonight I would be eternally grateful. I feel like I've been given a new start. Everyone suffering, please do something about your ARFID/SED. I had resigned myself to a life of torturing myself but last night has proven it doesn't have to be that way.

Mikaela Marklund

July 2017

I've already posted on the facebook group but thought I'd send you an email just to thank you. I finished the video treatment, I was very skeptic, didn't feel fully hypnotized and thought "this wont work" quite a few times. I then went on to eat something I haven't been able to eat in the 29 years of my life. No hesitation, no anxiety, no fear. I am now left surprised/confused but very thrilled and very happy with my decision to watch the videos.

And not only for the hypnosis bit, but also for the absolute relief of having someone explain the parts of my mind that I have not fully understood before. Having someone pin point what Im feeling and why I am feeling it, in ways that I've felt alone with, is truly priceless.

I'll go on trying new things and will be back to watch the videos if needed. I just felt a need to say THANK YOU.

John Cox

April 2017

Wonderful news! I watched your video with my eleven year old son this afternoon. When it got to the screen that stated "let's prepare to try some foods", he immediately paused the video (before you had chance to explain anything else) and popped a small chunk of cheese in his mouth. He wasn't enamoured with it, but tried a second piece; still wasn't too keen but asked me to buy a selection of cheddars for him to try. He then proceeded to eat a piece of red capsicum! Then tomato, lettuce and other salad items. And all achieved with me translating almost half of what you said into German as we went along. I was astonished! The main part that I didn't translate was while you spoke and he was in the relaxed state. I felt it better not to disturb the atmosphere or your flow. I was therefore concerned if it would work (in case my son didn't understand enough), but it worked very well indeed. Just for the record, I probably translated between a third and a half of the material before the relaxed state.

Thank you so much for your video and sincere congratulations on developing such an effective method that is helping so many people.

2 March 2017

Hello everyone! Just wanted to post this as I am very excited to find other people like me, and share my drop of success! Apologies for the length.

Yesterday, I went through Felix's videos with the hopes of just being able to put something unfamiliar into my mouth without gagging. I decided to do the videos instead of a Skype session because I am a college student whose schedule varies quite a lot, and I could not afford the fee.

I was pretty nervous starting the videos, but I figured the worst that could happen was I could spend 1.5 hours watching a video - time that I would likely just spend watching TV anyway. I set myself up in my room and put in headphones to avoid the general noise of my roommates. Even though it wasn't a tailored session, I really connected to Felix's explanations, analogies, and humor. After watching the videos, I went into the kitchen to grab the foods I had picked out. My roommates were unexpectedly all home and in the kitchen, so I let their chatter distract me from the nerves I was feeling. I'm pretty sure none of them know that I struggle with SED as I've tried very hard to hide it, and we all just cook for ourselves. While they were talking, I put some steamed broccoli in my mouth, completely expecting to gag as I would normally. And. Nothing. I chewed it, didn't mind the taste, and swallowed it just like my safe food of chicken nuggets. It was at that point I had to go back to my room and scream into a pillow because this was such a huge step in my life.

Today, I bought a garden salad from a wonderful restaurant nearby and brought it home to try in peace. The cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes went down just like the broccoli the night before. I wasn't a fan of the dressing/sauce I got, but again, instead of gagging it out, I swallowed it and put the rest to the side.

Long story short, I'm very surprised in myself and amazed at how well the videos helped me. Felix did an amazing job slowly explaining why my mind would not allow me to eat foods outside of the "safe list." I'm hoping to try something new everyday, even if it's just one vegetable.

I know there's still a long way to go, but I'm so glad there's a support group here for us all to connect and motivate each other and give advice. Thanks everyone, and special, massive thanks to Felix Economakis!

22 February 2017

My daughter has just watched Felix's video therapy. Sammy has just eaten:

  • 3 pieces of popcorn chicken
  • 3 quarters of raspberry jam sandwiches
  • One home made roast potato
  • One cheddar Babybel
  • Two segments of satsuma
  • 3 or 4 bites of pizza.

She really liked the chicken, roast potato, and jam sandwich. She likes the cheese and satsuma (didn't like the bit of skin left in her mouth, but could just put it in a tissue. She feels she will need to persist with the pizza but that it was okay. Wow!! I am so amazed! This is just wonderful! She started with food issues when we went from puréed to lumpy foods. She would never have tried these things.

I couldn't have imagined this. Eating has been a problem all her life, that's 18 years of our life too. Previously her diet was predominately bread products: toast, brioche toast, pains au chocolat, croissants, occasionally Richmond sausages and potato smiles, and a once a week plain hamburger and fries from Maccy D's. Little else really apart from chocolate and plain crisps. This will open up the world of opportunities for her! She set in her mind that even if she could only eat something chickeny that that would be a success. Feeling so happy.

Thank you Felix Economakis from the bottom of my heart.

Update 04/03/17

So happy with how my daughter has been doing with her food since watching Felix Economakis's video last Wednesday. She has persisted in trying at least one thing every day. So, since her six new things straight after the video she has tried: toasted cheese sandwich, southern fried popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken dippers, home made chips, burger from Wetherspoons (didn't like this), lemon curd sandwich, pancake with sugar and lemon (didn't like), strawberry and banana smoothie, white chocolate mousse and lemon mousse. I am just going at her pace, and not pushing her to try things I would like her to (like vegetables!). I am so happy for her. The fear to try has gone!

1 February 2017

So I just finished the video therapy an hour ago and I have to say wow, that was a total journey deep inside my mind.

I have so much hope for the future.

Before the smell of celery and carrots made me sick to my stomach. After I was done I managed to try both of them with no issue, along with swiss cheese which I'd never even thought about eating before.

Felix, you are my hero.

Nina Scott

30 December 2016

VIDEO UPDATE: I can not think of a better Christmas Eve , than to watch my 15 year old daughter do her complete viewing of the SED video series we purchased from Felix Economakis, and then be able to promptly eat the following: 1) Blueberry Greek yogurt (new flavor she wouldn't typically be willing to try...would only eat passion fruit or strawberry banana) 2) then freshly steamed spinach with a little garlic butter (she REALLY would never eat that).

Watching her eat the spinach was a bit like watching someone dreading taking off a bandaid, and suddenly he or she realizes it wasn't so bad after all! She followed that up by eating just about everything we served her on her Christmas Eve dinner plate tonight: Ham with mustard, scalloped potatoes, and steamed broccoli with carrots. Wow! My husband and I are secretly overjoyed. We are not displaying it too openly because we don't want her to interpret our happiness at her progress as pressure, but I went into the other room and cried happy tears.

Thank you Felix!!!

We will continue to follow your instructions as she reviews at a time of her choosing in the next two weeks.

This is the BEST Christmas gift I could ever hope for!!!

Angela Smith

Christmas 2016

29 December 2016

Here's Harry's first Christmas dinner.

Best Christmas present a mother could ask for. Thank you and Merry Christmas Felix Economakis.

26 November 2016

Wow, so I have to believe that everything happens for a reason and this weekend I have had a life-changing experience. This Thanksgiving I was experiencing the normal stress, anxiety, and fear of having the biggest food celebrated day of the year come around and not be able to spend it with any of my family who understand my picky eating. I went to a friends house for Thanksgiving and was so worried about how embarrassing it was going to be with the usual questions, comments, and pressure to eat all the amazing food that they were preparing but that I couldn’t bring myself to eat. (Side note: they were amazing by the the way and didn’t make me feel awkward at all and we had a great time). So back to Thanksgiving morning I woke up and found the following video below posted on the Picky Eaters Association Facebook page.

I couldn’t believe it, it looks like there is finally an official title for my picky eating. It is actually a food phobia called Selective Eating Disorder / Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (SED/ARFID). It is different from the normal fussy eating a child goes through and grows out of. I can’t believe that it is finally acknowledged as a real thing.

The most shocking part of this is that I think I found a psychologist who has worked with selective eaters and actually knows how to help named Felix Economakis. So all morning I looked into it more and watched several of his you tube videos of picky eaters appearing to try new foods after meeting with him.

I was skeptical but hopeful and so I decided to try the online video therapy today and have the best news! I have tried six new foods today and think this could be a turning point in my life: raw carrots, green beans, chicken nuggets, plain cheeseburger, Caesar salad and cheese pizza with sauce. These six new foods were truly stretch foods for me, I discussed with my family and went out on a limb with things that I didn’t think I was ready yet to try even though I have been making some progress on my picky eating lately. I have never in my life eaten meat before and today I tried chicken nuggets, a cheeseburger and chicken on a salad. I am stunned. This is one of the best days of my life and I am so hopeful for the future.

It is not a magic wand where I am suddenly cured and like to eat everything; I still don’t know if I like any of these foods but I was able to try them which is a huge step forward. It is still going to take a lot of work and discipline to keep my momentum, be consistent with trying new foods, get my taste buds used to new things, to discover what I like and don’t like and to not just fall back on my safe foods but I think with the help of my family and friends I can do it. I am truly moved and so excited. I never ever thought this would be possible.

So this thanksgiving I am so incredibly thankful to have found this video and for the the amazing new possibilities it brings!

Update from Judy, Jessica’s mother

Dear Felix,
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping my daughter, Jessica Hoefer, conquer SED. You have changed her life immensely and her father and I are so grateful to you. She has been eating selectively since she was a small child and I have tried numerous nutritionists,psychologists and psychiatrists; none of them worked until she stumbled upon your hypnosis program. We are amazed at all of the different foods she is trying now. It has totally changed her life and we can't thank you enough.

Judy and Ken Rohrer

17 November 2016

Last night I watched the videos. Didn't feel hypnotized, really at all - in fact, my 4G phone connection (darn you, Comcast) couldn't keep up and it froze halfway through the session, but I got it to resume and finished. Then I went down and calmly tried strawberry, pineapple, carrot, and almond. I did have some oral allergy syndrome symptoms, and the only thing I was trying for the first time was strawberry, but I didn't gag, wasn't fearful or anxious, or anything like that. My husband was astonished and may want to watch for himself! He's more fussy than SED but wondered if it might be beneficial. :D

Thanks Felix! I will definitely rewatch the video in a few days, but I feel like this is a huge step in the right direction!

10 November 2016

So I found this group (Selective Eating Disorder SED / ARFID Support Group) through an online search and can say that I've had issues with eating since age 7. My mom said one day I just decided I didn't like most food, especially fruits and vegetables. Both parents pushed me to eat them anyways and all growing up I experienced the gagging and crying at the dinner table. The sitting there all night until bedtime refusing to eat. Having leftovers reheated for me for days and still refusing to eat. They finally gave up when I was in high school. Since then I've hardly tried anything new, my foods I eat have become more limited and I've hated enduring the comments from others on my "picking eating." To make matters worse, I've had severe sinus issues and have lost most of my sense of smell and some taste, making textured foods even worse to eat.

All that to say, my husband encouraged me to try Felix's videos and I bought them. I had low hopes of being hypnotized, or it working but it happened. We watched it all the way through Sunday evening and I ate apples (with the skin), raw carrots, and blueberries. I have continued to eat them this week. It's a baby step. And it's progress. And I am thrilled! I plan to watch the video again this weekend. I just wanted to say this is the most progress I've made in over 15 years! I am so happy to have found this group and some help. Thank you for this group and the support y'all provide.

P.S. Blueberries are awesome. So tangy and tart and it's the most flavor I've tasted in years!

Successful eating disorder therapy

28 October 2016

Finally watched the videos for the first time and it feels like I never even had the phobia to start with! I have spent the past 27 years trying to figure out what is wrong or if I have SPD or the eye surgery I had as an infant somehow messed with my tastebuds. So many doctors, specialists, therapies, and even earning my bachelors degree in psych - I just never could figure it out and I felt heart broken and like I had failed because I was so "smart" but I couldn't figure this out. Prior to watching the video the only vegetable I would eat was potatoes either mashed or fried. Nothing green, no veggies, and certainly no safe foods mixed together. In the last half hour I have tried (and not gagged, spit out, or hesitated) to eat spaghetti with chicken and tomato sauce, peas, green beans, and corn! I felt that I could now tell a food I liked to one that I probably won't ever like (peas) and a food I will need to acquire a taste for (green beans). Thankfully I have a very supportive and husband to help with my progress, because nothing is more embarrassing than having to google how to eat broccoli at 27! So many foods I can't wait to try! Thank you Felix Economakis for all that you do to help with SED and feeling able to eat what I want!

Lisa Draycott

October 2016

Hi Felix. I felt the need to message you directly because I need to express my massive gratitude to you. My husband has struggled with food since he was a child, he is now 41. We have been together for 23 years and have coped with his problems together. I found your facebook page last year and have followed with great interest your treatments and your posts, all the time thinking I bet you are the man to help shaun. When my cousins son Harry was displaying the same fears and issues as Shaun I recommend you to Angela who booked a session for harry. Harry is now eating school dinners and trying new foods without issue. This I think spurred Shaun on and gave him the courage to face his fears. When you put your video up on line I encouraged Shaun to buy it ... saying what have you got to lose. He purchased the video and we watched the introductory ones together. The things you were saying were exactly the same things I had been saying to Shaun for years and the fears you expressed were his. His face was amazing, his reaction priceless. I started to feel hopeful. Shaun watched the video alone, while I was out and when I came home he was was ready to try new foods. We did as you advised and tried fruit first. Lots and lots of fruit! In the time since watching the video Shaun has eaten the same meals as the rest of the family. Steak and potatoes, shepherds pie, roast chicken and stuffing and bacon and sausage!! He struggles with the texture and he tends to over chew everything but he is getting better. The reason I need to write you is that this weekend we went away to celebrate our anniversary and we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Shaun ordered 3 courses off the very limited but sophisticated menu. As his food arrived I was very nervous but he set about his ham and mustard terrine with rosemary bread with no fear whatsoever! Next he had pork cutlet with vine tomatoes and onion followed by cheesecake with a berry compote.

I was almost in tears.

I am so proud of him.

He didn't finish all his food but he sat and eat as much as he could because the fear has gone. The newness of food and its many flavours is overwhelming for him but he is getting there.

For the first time in more than 20 years I shared dinner with my husband and it's down to you. Thank you Felix. Thank you. You have changed his life and mine.

He wants to surprise his family by going out to dinner and ordering off the menu and he is incredibly excited for Christmas dinner! I am sorry this is such a long message but I need you to know that I know the video is causing you so much grief and pain at the moment but don't give up on it - it literally changes lives.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

October 2016

So....I purchased the video for my son today and to be honest he wasn't too up for it. So like any good parent I used bribery and bought him some playstation points on the condition that he listened to all the chapters....I even said that I wouldn't make him eat any food.

He came out his room, reached over to the paella I was cooking took a huge mouthful of chicken, rice (new food), prawn (nf) and a marrow fat pea (nf). He did a tiny gag but recovered very quickly and said he didn't know why he even did that and then disappeared back to his room to finish the video. He didn't want me to make a fuss (he's 14) but when I asked if he thought he could try a new food every day, he said yes!


26 October 2016

I've always had some sort of fear towards food and I never really knew what it was. I was always told "you'll grow out of it" or "you're just a bit fussy" but I always thought how can I grow out of it when I physically can't even try new foods. It affected my life a lot and I knew it would affect it even more in the future. I still had to eat off the children's menu and I had to walk around half an hour looking for somewhere I could eat. My mum had been doing some research and found out about the selective eating disorder and we were debating going to the session in London, but it was a long trip to get there and a lot of money.

So when the online video came out we decided to give it a go.

We went shopping for new foods to try after the video. After watching the video and being hypnotised, I wasn't sure if it had worked, because I felt like I was just closing my eyes and listening, however after I was able to try things with no hesitation such as Apple, mango, strawberries, burgers, pizza and so on. Although I still gagged on some because I didn't like the taste I was amazed that I was able to try the food. After that I was very happy and I've continued to try new foods such as egg, sweet corn and donuts. I'm very happy with the results and I hope I can add more foods to my diet now that my fear is gone.

I definitely recommend the video, it helped a lot.

16 October 2016

Ok Felix Economakis, my 9yr old watched your video today and i watched it with him. He was very interested in everything you were explaining in the video. He said mum felix really knows whats going on in my head. Now just before the video ended he paused it because he wanted to tell me he me he wants to try doritos and mountain dew lemonade. So he took a bite of a dorito and drank some mountain dew. Now although not the healthiest choices the fact is he tried them and liked them. So who knows what tomorrow will bring its exciting times ahead. Felix you are amazing and i thoroughly enjoyed listening to you explaining it all. It was very informative and relaxing at the same time. I will send through some updates.


Ok so here is an update on how my 9yr old Luke is going after watching the video by Felix Economakis So Luke was off to camp last Monday so I packed his usual safe foods. I had informed his teacher of his eating situation. So off he went for a 2xnight 3xday camp getaway. Today I went to pick him up at school bus stop. His teacher came out of the bus and was so excited to inform me that Luke went really well. Apparently he didnt care for his safe foods packed by mum lol. He made himself his own lunch with camp food. Different bread, jam,butter then for dinner he had camp pasta and for dessert vanilla ice cream with blue berries and sprinkles. This has never never never happened before watching this amazing video. I asked luke what made him eat ice cream etc and his response was ......I just thought who doesnt like ice cream lol!


16 October 2016

I know i already posted my "after video therapy update" but i wanted to just thanks Felix Economakis because i was finally able to not only try new foods but also i was able to try a new meal in front of my family (who can sometimes give me very bad anxiety eating in front of) and i enjoyed every bite of it :) (btw parmesan crusted chicken at longhorn steakhouse is amazing) thank you again Felix!!

14 October 2016

For anyone who is interested in the video and not plucked up the courage to pop your name down yet, last night I purchased it and today I watched it I was very anxious before and I popped into the local supermarket and was actually gagging at the food I was choosing ?? however I came home watched the video picked up my fork and without having any conflict I ate cous cous, a tomato pasta pot a mixed salad and a strawberry rice pudding all without gagging and for tea I'm trying cottage pie ?? mince meat is a huge step for me so hopefully this will go just as well plus I'm actually eating in front of my 2 little ones who have never seen me eat anything other than bread, I'm going to take each meal as it comes I will not let Sed control me anymore thanks to Felix X

Follow up

Just thought I would post a little update today I went to pick pumpkins and stopped off at a little tearoom, I had a bite of a scone with cream and jam my first words were WOW! since I watched the video I have tried all sorts no gipping no conflict I have just tried mushrooms and hash browns they are amazing. I can't believe that I can do this I'm so happy right now X

12 October 2016

Soooooo we gained access to the video and sat down to watch last night. We chose 4 small items to try and he tried 2. A red pepper and a Zucchini. We are so excited. He actually liked the red pepper. LIKED IT. The attitude and outlook is way more positive. It was emotional for both of us

Danielle Vella

October 2016

I have achieved great success from your videos! Thank you for creating such an accessible, affordable and life-changing video for people like me! I really was unsure what to expect, but it exceeded all of my expectations. I can't thank you enough and can't find the words to properly articulate myself but know that it is all appreciated. By everyone!

Eating better and better each day

10 October 2016

My 14 year old has watched the videos and tried cheesy mash, carrot, peas, cucumber, tuna mayo! This boy hasn't eaten most of these foods since he was 2. Cheesy mash (he hasn't eaten potato for about 8 years) was an ok, he liked tuna mayo, carrot and peas ok but didn't like cucumber. So pleased.


Roast potatoes and asparagus tried by 14 yr old son today. Roast potatoes were a thumbs up! Even my younger son who hasn't watched the video tried asparagus (think he doesn't want to be left out!). My husband and I can't believe this.

10 October 2016

On this Thanksgiving Day in Canada we would like to give thanks to Felix who has changed our sons life and our families. Our 13yr old had is first thanksgiving meal with his family. Previously he would have had a peanut butter on toast. He ate turkey with gravy, stuffing, corn, peas, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. He didn't like all of it but happily tried everything and more than once as well. He is so comfortable trying things now whereas before seeing Felix he wouldn't even think about it and would leave the table if we asked him to eat.

I know I have said this before- but Felix we truly are grateful for your expertise and knowledge on how to treat our son. He isn't out of the woods yet but he has made such strides and is such a happy young man around food now, and we truly are grateful this thanksgiving day.

October 2016

My grandson has watched the video twice (only the hypnosis part.) He asked to watch a couple of videos of children eating new food on the Heath website that he had watched before. He wrote a list of new foods and we went with him to buy them, he has come back and tried 4 new foods....only tiny pieces that he had cut up himself, this is a huge thing for him and us. My grandson is a very bright 5 year old so it can work for younger children.

I will keep you updated, thanks Felix!

October 2016

Hi Felix & friends.

This is my first new foods after looking and hearing the new SED video. I was on my couch with a blanket, my computer and Big headphones listen to Felix (and a bit of the London traffic in the background). The Best is of course the new food in my mouth, but the 2'nd Best is the huge understanding and respect for me as a person and me having SED. (No one Else understand like you do - thank you).

I'm from Denmark, and was afraid if I could understand enough to go in hypnosis in english - but no problem.

I even cried through the video session, but I take that as a good sign, and a evidence of all the fellings which is a Big part of my SED.

Looking forward to the future and lots of new foods. (Hope you understand my written english)!

All my love to all of you

October 2016

So I watched the videos on Wednesday night and am still in a bit of shock at the results. I tried all of the trial foods immediately after watching - yellow pepper, coleslaw, potato salad, broccoli, corn, greek yogurt & scrambled eggs - all things I have never tried before. Since then I have tried 1 or 2 new things every day, some I have liked, some not but the point is I'm trying them, without hesitation & with no stress........well a little bit of stress with quiche yesterday but I did it & nothing awful happened!

The things I have tried but not been keen on, I will try again. I'm not scared any more and that is the best feeling.

Oh and having refused cheese on toast my whole life, I now can't leave it alone!

Thank you for doing this for us Felix, you really are changing lives.

3 October 2016

A few nights back the online SED therapy was released and I purchased it for my girlfriend Sarah.

Last night she sat on her own and watched the videos and afterwards ate yoghurt, Apple, wheetabix, ham, and pepperoni pizza.

Tonight as I'm secretly typing this across the table from her in a restaurant she is eating a mixed grill and has eaten:

Gammon(new food), steak, eggs (new food), chicken (new food)

So proud of her.

Feeling in control of my eating

October 2016

OMG i watched all the videos and had two new foods straight away. I was really anxious before the hypnoses but it all went so easily.

I haven't had new foods for years so this a major break through for me.

Thank You Felix!!!!


Firtst right after the hypnosis I tried some sandwich with salami + cheese and also raw tomato. Later I tried tiiny piece of lasagne and also had my dinner sausage oven baked, which I've never tried and loved it! Didn't gag at all and felt incharge!!

Lee Craddock SED Success

October 2016

After watching all the videos. I managed to taste a few food items that I would never have put to my lips. Including lettuce, rocket, red onion, red/yellow pepper, beetroot and baby tomato as you can see I gagged on the tomato but will try again. I also tasted steam veg inc sweet corn, carrots and broccoli and biting into a banana which I have never done. I took videos, a little up close as didn't have time to think about it. I'm very well impressed and shared with family who are shocked as much as me.

Good luck. X

Tries new food every day

2 October 2016

This evening HRH has tried and eaten the following new foods:

Hard boiled egg (ate 2) and wants them in his lunchbox

  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Mango
  • Water Melon
  • Strawberry Yoghurt (whole pot eaten)

After eating all of that, he asked for a Baby Bel, as they make him choke, so if he could eat one of those, he knew things had changed. He ate it all, but still doesn't like them.

He's requested a new food to try everyday.

If you know HRH, your jaw is probably currently on the floor.

This is all thanks to Felix Economakis. I've been wanting to take HRH to London for a treatment with Felix, but the Bank of Sarah says no. Felix has recently released an online hypnotherapy treatment for children / people like HRH with ARFID / Selective Eating Disorder. I wasn't sure how effective it would be, Felix is very upfront that the person being treated has to want to change and to be honest Harry didn't. I figured things couldn't get much worse..... never in a million years thought I'd be boiling eggs for tomorrows lunchbox.

Thank you Felix!!

Further video testimonials can be viewed on Felix's YouTube Channel


Contact me and I'll get back to you shortly.

Felix Economakis

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For enquires about face-face therapy, please visit my Clinical Practice at The Heath